Saturday, 27 August 2011


Typical Barranquilla dish.
For the middle class Colombian’s food is based on the size and quantity of meal rather than the content, light breakfast, large lunch in the afternoon and a lighter meal (usually a sandwich) in the evening for dinner. In Barranquilla you will find that the locals tend to eat rice with almost every lunch time meal. A typical Barranquilla (or costeño - coastal) dish consists of pescado (whole fish, bones and head), Arroz con coco, ensalada (salad) and patacones.

Arepas de queso
What to try in Barranquilla

Arepas de queso Cheese corncakes
Arepas con huevo Egg corncakes
Arroz con coco – Rice with coconut
Papa criolla Colombian golden potatoes, small and yummy
Patacones Is a un-sweet banana squashed and fried in oil
Arroz con leche Rice with milk is the literal translation, a delicious sweet cinnamon flavoured dish that can really be eaten any time of the day hot or cold.
Agua 'e panela Panela water, hardened syrup from sugar cane soaked in water, refreshing and sweet
AguilaCheap beer
Club Colombia Some say better tasting beer
Aguardiente literally means burning water it is popular liquor made from sugar cane

Papa criolla

Stay Away From

Chunchullo – Stuffed and fried poultry or cow intestines
Morcilla Rellena – Blood sausage, this is ok if you buy it in the shops, but whatever you do don’t buy it from the carts on the streets as Moricilla Rellena is not cooked hygienically (however, most foods are ok to buy from the street venders.)


  1. why would we be away from that food? please tell me

  2. why would we be away from that food? please tell me

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